Rochester NY Local News You Can Trust

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Rochester ny local news

Rochester ny radio stations are among the most diverse and popular in the nation. The proximity to New York City means that Rochester radio includes several types of stations. Rochester radio stations range from contemporary music stations to oldies music stations, sports talk radio, political commentary and more. Most people that listen to the radio these days do so in their car. In fact, sales of home AM and FM radios have dropped by more than 60 percent in the last decade. Satellite radio, streaming online radio and other media forms have taken over traditional radio stations.

With all that said, Rochester NY local news that gets broadcast on the FM or AM channels remains popular. Rochester NY local news comes in several forms, including television, web services and print. Getting a good mix of each news medium is important for Rochester residents that want to keep current. Listening to traffic reports on Rochester NY local news is the top draw for these stations. The next most popular form of programming on Rochester NY local news channels is political and business reporting. Listening to radio broadcasts about what is happening at City Hall remains popular with listeners over the age of 30.

One of the original drivers of radio funding was ad revenue. However, there are not many national companies that pay for radio ads these days. Almost all of the radio time dedicated to advertisement on Rochester NY local news stations is filled by local businesses. The cost of advertising on the radio has decreased because most stations recognize that without lowered costs, no one would use this medium to advertise a business. Most advertising dollars are spent online these days, or else on print or TV spots.

Rochester NY local news anchors remained popular in several circles. If you are new to the area, speak with local residents that have been in Rochester for years. They should be able to help you determine which local station you will enjoy the most. You can also check online to find out which stations have a great online presence. In addition to the traditional AM or FM broadcast, several local news stations in Rochester offer streaming audio. In other words, you can listen to broadcasts in your car on your regular radio, or you can use your smart phone to listen while at your desk during the workday, around the house and more.