Rochester Fire Sprinkler Companies Explain How Fire Sprinklers Work

Fire sprinklers have saved countless lives and prevented significant damage to U.S. properties. Until 2009, homes didn’t need to be equipped with fire sprinklers. However, this changed due to the International Residential Code (IRC) in 2009.

Video Source

The YouTube video “Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained” highlights its role in safety. Certain parts of the country are more prone to wildfires. This has become a focus due to climate change. For example, the building code in California requires a fire sprinkler in every home.

Why Are Fire Sprinklers Triggered

Temperatures above 135°F activate a fire sprinkler. There’s only one thing that sets it off. When a fire ignites, it causes the air above it to heat up. This hot air then rises to the ceiling. This is where the hot air comes into contact with the sprinkler and causes it to activate.

Here’s a critical fact about the fire sprinkler. It will only activate in high heat. It can’t be activated by a fire alarm or by smoke. Until the heat reaches the fire sprinkler, it won’t be activated. This means a fire can be blazing for a while before the sprinkler starts to work. Fire sprinkler companies can assess a property and install fire sprinklers in key areas.


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