Types of Shutters to Consider for Your Rochester Home

Window shutter come in many style. But do you already know which shutter is best for your house?

It’s always a good idea to consider the architecture of your home in choosing window shutters. It will give you direction in choosing shutters for your home.

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In this video, let us know more about the different types.

* The Basic

Whether you want a classic look or that rustic charm, there is always a broad variety of styles for window shutters. Even the basic style create a perfect look.

* Panel

Nothing beats tradition like the well-crafted panel shutters. It’s a classic that has been tested and proven and remains popular these days. Because of their insulation properties, the panel shutters are very common.

* Board and Batten

These types come with primitive design that was likely built in countryside. It has a simple design that is very easy to those who built one.

* Louver

These types are the common choice in the American architecture. It comes with little slats that opens and closes, or just remain at fixed angle. The style can also be configured into sections like the panel shutter.

* Bermuda

This one is the unique one among the products and it’s also called the Bahama. It opens outward like the awning and looks amazing on its own.

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