Enhance Your Hotel Stay In Rochester, NY

Hotels in rochester ny

Hotel amenities have come a long way since the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, NY first installed running water and private baths in all of its rooms in 1904. Hotels in Rochester NY, just 70 miles down the road have more than enough features to satisfy the needs of anyone during their stay away from home. Ancient Greek were known in part for creating villages intended for rest and relaxation, complete with thermal baths and various spa like treatments. This idea has carried through the ages and is still a popular idea with some Rochester ny hotels which feature spa treatments and relaxation packages.

In addition to one of the oldest planetariums in the United States, and the George Eastman house dedicated to the founder of Kodak, it also boasts the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum and the annual Xerox International Jazz Festival. Formerly known as the “Flour City” for its milling industries, Rochester is now nicknamed the “Flower City” partly owing to the annual Lilac Festival which draws vendors and visitors alike from around the country. There are many Rochester hotels just a short distance from each of these attractions.

In honor of the deep connections Rochester has to both the abolitionist and suffragette movements, city officials named one of the bridges after Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony, both of whom once called Rochester home and are now buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

With so many various attractions located in the downtown area, some hotels in Rochester NY provide shuttle service to any location within a specified radius. Many hotels in Rochester NY also provide free or low cost shuttle service to the airport. Depending on where your visit takes you, you may not even need to rent a car even if staying at hotels in Rochester NY. No matter what your reason for visiting, there is many a hotel in Rochester NY to suit your needs.

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